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Art of Couples’ Travel

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Ready to travel together?

Are you planning an extended trip with your partner? Not sure where to start? I guess those feelings are all part of the adventure — but we can help you enjoy the planning stages, give you heaps of advice for your everyday travel, and show you how to come home again.

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Product Description

The Art of Couples’ Travel is a project we’ve been working on for over two years. From the original idea, our notes have grown, our experiences have made our advice more helpful, and now we’re happy to have everything written up, professionally edited, laid out, and ready for you.

You see, we’ve been travelling full-time since February 2006. Of course, we’ve worked to support ourselves along the way, but we’ve spent  years away from home, travelling through over 50 countries. Our site, the Indie Travel Podcast, has helped over a million visitors with their travel plans, and this book is all the wisdom we’ve got for couples who are planning their trip.

  • If you want to know how to score free accommodation, cheap flights, and discounts …
  • If you’re a bit worried about travelling with your partner (or even a lot worried) …
  • If you’ve always wanted to travel together, but don’t know how to start …
  • If you want to know what most couples’ fight over, so you don’t have to …
  • If you’d like to improve your communication skills before you leave …
  • If you are struggling to plan where you might go …
  • If you need help with your travel budgeting …
  • If you’re looking for a greater purpose in your travels …

… Then Art of Couples’ Travel is for you.

What to you mean, “couples’ travel”? Is this a kissing book*?

Art of Couples' Travel - Couples Travel Advice - Young romantic couple kissing near the Eiffel Tower in ParisThis is a book designed to help you have the trip of a lifetime, an adventure… If you’re going to sit on the beach all day, it might be an interesting read, but it’s not really for you.

This is a book for couples who want to travel together long-term, although it’ll be helpful for those planning shorter trips as well.

There’s already too many brochures offering glossy beach holidays and package deals … we don’t have anything like that here.

We focus on the realities of travel, looking at communication skills that will help you on the road. We talk about what to do if one of you gets sick, starts acting out, or you can’t agree on where to go next, or if a tourist attraction is ethical or not. We talk about money … budgeting, spending, arguing over it.

This book is for straight couples and gay couples, those that are living together, shacked up, married, or something else. We have a whole section on the particular challenges that gay couples face while travelling: from machismo to hotel managers rushing to give you two single beds instead of the double you pre-booked. Heck, this book might just help friends travelling together too (but they might not need help with the single beds).

* There’s nothing wrong with a gratuitous reference to the Princess Bride, is there?


What you do you get?

The Art of Couples’ Travel is more than just a document. We’ve designed it to be valuable for those that like to read, like to watch videos, and need something to listen to on their morning commute. There’s the book itself, a series of follow-up emails, video interviews with couples who have travelled around the world (or are travelling right now), and we’re working on adding exclusive audio content. Oh, and we’ll give you a free copy of Craig and Linda Martin’s short book about how they manage to travel around the world full-time. Art of Couples' Travel - Couples Travel TipsAnd every time we make an update, you’ll get it for free!

So, you get:

  • The Art of Couples’ Travel as a professionally designed and laid-out PDF.
  • A .mobi / Kindle-ready version of the text (about 25,000 words).
  • A follow-up email series with extra advice.
  • A copy of “How to live like us” ebook by Craig and Linda Martin.
  • Video interviews with long-term and full-time travelling couples.
  • Audio podcasts by Craig and Linda Martin.
  • Free updates for life.


About the authors

This book was written by two couples: Craig and Linda Martin from the Indie Travel Podcast, and Jessica Ainlay and Daniela Heinrich from Globetrotter Girls.

About Craig and Linda Martin

This Kiwi couple met in 1998, became close friends in 1999, started dating in 2000, got engaged in 2001, and got married in 2002. Contrary to all expectations, they didn’t have a child or buy a house in 2003. Since February 2006 they have been travelling full-time, spending large amounts of time in Europe, South America and Australasia.

About Jessica Ainlay and Daniela Heinrich

The GlobetrotterGirls are a couple of serial expats turned digital nomads: Jessica, an American travel editor and writer, and Dani, a German photographer. When we met in 2006, we discovered that we both share a thirst for travel that can not be quenched by a few holidays a year. In 2010, the stars aligned and, as freelancers, we took our work on the road, kicking over the ‘bucket list’ concept and starting our ‘bucket life’. Since then, we have climbed volcanoes in Central America, swum with sharks in the Caribbean, road-tripped the California coast and the countryside of Tuscany, all while working full-time (from a hammock as often as possible).


OK, they travel full-time and that makes you jealous, but all their hard work should be rewarded — buy a copy of Art of Couples’ Travel and follow in their footsteps.

Art of Couples' Travel - Couples trip-planning


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