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Are you an Indie Traveller?

Whether you’re backpacking, on a career break, or simply on an adventurous holiday from wage slavery, you could be an indie traveller.

Indie travel is not about the luggage, the budget, or the amount of time you can get away.

Being indie is all about the attitude. If you long to experience the real sights, sounds and tastes of vibrant new places, you’re indie. If you want to immerse yourself in new cultures and understand how other people live, you’re indie.

If you travel to grow beyond your own home country and experience the world as it truly is, without judgement and with eyes wide open, then you are truly an indie traveller.

And Indie Travel Guides have been written for you.

Exploring your world

The new Indie Travel Guides are tailor-made for indie travellers.


Published by New Zealand’s adventure couple who have travelled the world continuously for the past seven years, Indie Travel Guides feature big beautiful glossy photos, an easy-to-skim layout and clever design, which makes them perfect for reading on the go on electronic devices such as Kindle, Nook, smartphones, and tablets — like your iPad.


Each Indie Travel Guide is written by indie travellers who enthusiastically share not only the best top ten traveller highlights but also the hidden, often missed, local gems.


Each Indie Travel Guide organises information into neighbourhood areas so you don’t waste precious travel time zig-zagging across town, and so you can immerse yourself in a local community. Stay, eat and play within the same neighbourhood.

Accommodation and restaurant suggestions are then organised into low, mid-range and high-end categories.

Every Indie Travel Guide includes:

  • Top ten things to do – Don’t miss these traveller highlights.
  • The best days out – Try out these tailor-made itineraries and get the best out of the location.
  • Neighbourhood knowledge – Don’t waste time and money on zigzagging across town; stay, eat and play in the same neighbourhood. Accommodation is listed in budget, midrange, and high-end categories.
  • Travel tips – Get the best practical advice on money, safety, and transportation (with special mentions for LGBT and women travellers).
  • Background notes – Discover the political, historical and economic background that makes up a place’s unique identity.

They are full of travel tips with special notes for LGBT and women travellers, and clever tips on safety; transportation; and background political, historical, and cultural information. And as Indie Travel Guides are published electronically, they’ll always be kept up to date and up to the minute.

Indie Travel Guides give you, the indie traveller, insight into how to get the best out of your travelling experience. They whet your appetite for adventure by giving you a taste of the city or country’s unique culture and flavour.

They make it so real – the sights and sounds, the colours and smells, the flavours and people – you won’t be able to resist, you’ll just want to get up and go!

Download your copy now.

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