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Have you always dreamed of travelling the world? Visiting famous sights and tasting delicious foreign food? Strolling along the world’s most beautiful beaches arm-in-arm with your favourite companion?

It’s a common dream, but for many people the lack of a “favourite companion” is enough to keep it just that — a dream. Perhaps you’re single, divorced, or widowed; perhaps you’re in a relationship but your partner just isn’t interested in travel. Perhaps your friends are too busy to travel with you, or just not inclined to do the kind of trip you really want.

But this doesn’t mean you should put the travel dream on the shelf — why should it? You’re certainly capable enough to travel on your own — you just need a little practice, a few handy tips, and some encouragement to get you on your way.

So what’s holding you back?

  • Perhaps you’re concerned about safety — a woman on her own is a natural target, right?
  • Perhaps you’re scared you’ll get lonely.
  • Perhaps you don’t feel like you can do all the planning, because someone else has done that kind of thing for you in the past.
  • Or perhaps you’ve just never even thought about travelling by yourself and don’t have the faintest clue where to start.

These are all very valid concerns, and there are hundreds of other, equally logical reasons that hold people back from travelling.

And if you want them to, they can be your excuses for not going.

But if you really do want to travel, alone or not, you’ll need a resource to answer your questions, calm your fears, and give you the skills to get out there.

All your questions about travelling solo are answered in these two books from Indie Travel Media. Both contain wisdom and tips for women of all ages who are thinking about heading out on their own. Art of Solo Travel is aimed at younger women, while Women on the Road looks at the challenges facing women who were born in the sixties and before.

Which book is better for you?

Try a preview of each to help you decide:
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Can’t decide?

Add them both to your cart, along with Travel Safety and save a massive 10% on all three.


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